A Friday for long lunches

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The Networker is predicting a stop work in many agencies across the country today at 1pm, as Oprah grills alleged performance enhancing drugs enthusiast Lance Armstrong.

In the spirit of the occasion some scamps at theroar.com.au have of course created a drinking game to make the public flagellation more bearable, with various penalties depending on what words he says.


Obviously The Networker doesn’t condone long, boozy lunches on a Friday afternoon.

But if he did, he might tell you the maximum penalty of finishing your drink and a penalty shot is for Lance blaming the CIA, the French, Lizard People, or international cycling supremos.

Social networks are abuzz with conjecture about what will happen, and the hashtag #doprah has also been established for anyone following events on Twitter.

However, the Networker has a terrible feeling it could all be a little bit disappointing.