Benefits of Toy Bricks for Kids

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It’s no secret that block-building toys have been a favorite since their creation in 1949. The iconic toy blocks now come in just about any conceivable shape and color, including this powerful robot, which can be programmed, or this cowboy, which can also ride on a waterbed.

Kids love building blocks, toy bricks in particular. They may not all be interested in playing with them, but there is something about them that intrigues them. They are colorful, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But, what is there more to toy bricks than just fun?

Construction play is linked with math skills

Many kids are playing with toy building bricks these days, but is this a good idea? It turns out that playing TOYs is actually good for your child’s math, science, and literacy skills. Kids who play with TOYs say they like building things, strengthening their imagination, and learning basic math and science concepts. Bricks are also great for encouraging kids to explore and build with creativity.

From TOY to Snap Circuits, playing with toys that involve logic, building, and following directions are linked to developing important math skills, according to multiple studies. 

It builds engineering skills 

Playing with toy bricks builds engineering skills, research shows. Learning how to manipulate these colorful blocks in creative, innovative ways from a young age can help kids develop important cognitive capabilities, according to many studies.

A child’s play can be educational, a scientific fact. When given the right materials, children can learn a lot as they play. Building with Toys is a great example, but what do you do if your child wants to go beyond the kid’s toy? Well, you can push them to learn engineering logic, which can be a lot of fun, and not only help with their education but also with their future.