Best places to eat in Perth

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Many people who visit Australia often tend to travel to the eastern coast and stay in cities like Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne. Not many people consider Perth for their first trip to Australia. However, Perth is a secret jewel in these Australian cities and it indeed offers numerous spotlights for travel and of course dining options as well. Here are some of the best places to eat in Perth.

Friends Restuarant at St Georges Terrace in Cloisters is one of the best places to dine in Perth. It has been established to be a sophisticated fine dining restaurant with a friendly vibe, providing exceptional wine and cuisine as well as the relaxing ambiance of fine art and music, making it the perfect place to enjoy an authentic dining experience in Western Australia. Friends Restaurant utilizes Australia’s freshest local produce and some of the best culinary techniques to curate the most innovative and delicious modern Australian cuisine. It is located just along the Swan River and you can definitely enjoy delicious food with spectacular views to spend a couple of precious hours here.

If you want to try something different from fine dining, then Sentinel Bar & Grill at St Georges Terrace in Cloisters is another great option here. Sentinel Bar & Grill provides a mixing atmosphere which pays homage to the urban style of New York City and the country style of European cities. Ranging from breakfast to dinner, all-day dining here in Sentinal Bar & Grill makes sure that you can enjoy the cuisine whenever you like and whatever you want. With excellent grills and bistro types of food, its varieties of food and drink options indeed amaze you in the heart of Perth. They also offer the best accommodation in Perth. Be sure to try their grills and pair them with spirits, beers, cocktails or whatever you like to strengthen and enrich your dining experience.