Can You Use Bratt Pans For Boiling Or Steaming

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Bratt pans are versatile and powerful appliance that can accomplish up to eight different cooking functions. It has a deep rectangular pan that is heated either by electric or gas. It is designed to cook huge volume of food in one go. So, you can cook up food that can be served straight away or to be prepared for later. As it is quite big in size, thus it does not fit in domestic kitchen. So, you will not find bratt pans in a home. They are useful for catering institutions like school, big staff canteens or hospital or restaurant kitchens. For creating big volume of food, this heavy-duty commercial cooking appliance will be the best fit. The name is given from the German word “brat”. The meaning of which is to fry. However, you should know that they are not called bratt pan in Germany. In Germany, they are called kippentopf. The meaning of which is “tilting pan”. It is named so as it has a tilting feature that makes emptying them much easier.


Can it be used for boiling or steaming?


Bratt pans can perform up to 8 cooking function including boiling and steaming. So, the cooking function this heavy-duty cooking appliance can perform are:



  • Roasting
  • Steaming
  • Braising
  • Poaching
  • Shallow frying
  • Stewing
  • Boiling, and
  • Deep frying.


Why use a bratt pan?


Quality electric & gas bratt pans. There are many advantages of using a bratt pan. Some of them are mentioned next for your better understanding:


Cooking faster – If you need to prepare or cook large quantities of food, then using a bratt pan will definitely speed up the entire process. The capacity of a typical bratt pan is around 80 litres. They are available in different sizes. So, you can have a bratt pan that can go cook up to 120 litres of food items. Compared to cooking many batches of the same food item using numerous smaller appliances, cooking in a bratt pan will be much easier option when you have to cook a lot of food items.


Saves space – It is true that bratt pans are heavy-duty and large units. But in comparison to storing a greater number of smaller appliances, getting a bratt pan will help you to save space. It can effectively do the job of eight individual machines. So, if you opt for bratt pan, then you will be able to save a ton of space in the kitchen. The design of this unit is sleek and simple, making it perfect for tight-spaced kitchen as well.


Easier to empty – As mentioned before, it is also known as tilt skillet. This is because of the tilting feature that can either be used electrically or manually (it will depend on the model you have). It can weigh up to 80 or 120 litres of cooked food. This will be incredibly heavy. So, the tilting feature is designed to make it easier to serve the food or empty the pan. Most pans come with a spout-shaped lip. So, when tilted forward food will be poured out effortlessly.


Now you know if bratt pan can be used for boiling and steaming or not. Besides, boiling and steaming, they can do a lot more. Based on what it has to offer, it is a must-have for any commercial kitchen that needs to cook food in huge batches. Do your research well, and you will be able to find the best bratt pan for your needs.