Do men wear g strings ?

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The paradigms of what is considered masculinity are changing. Long gone are the days where you needed to have a beard and a moustache, smoke in a pipe and drink whisky as if it was going to go out of fashion to be considered manly. In this day and age, men have much more freedom to be themselves, to dress in whichever way they want, to take care of their skin, to wear makeup and all in all, to be metrosexuals. But plenty of men are still worried about what’s considered masculine or not.


Do men wear g strings ? It would seem like they don’t, isn’t it ? When it comes to gstrings for men underwear, the choice is usually between boxers, briefs and boxer briefs. However, that’s not true: men can, and do wear g strings and it is not considered “feminine” or “weird” at all. Plenty of men wear g strings, for many different reasons: some consider them more comfortable than other types of underwear, specially weightlifters as g strings won’t give you a wedgie and ride up when exercising. Some men wear them because they are fashionable, fancy and fun: they come in plenty of colour and plenty of designs which allows for a lot of choice. Some men wear them because they use very tight clothing and they can’t afford to have any underwear lines: see ballet dancers, for example.


All in all, wearing a g string is possible for men and it is not shameful or weird: quite on the contrary, confronting stereotypical gender roles and being comfortable enough in your masculinity that you can break with the norm is one of the most masculine things you can do, so if you are interested do not worry about it: just go out there and get yourself a g string.