Do Videos Help with SEO: Tips on Maximizing Your Site for Search Engin

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How videos help SEO? The short answer – yes. However, you need to make sure you are doing it right. Videos and all content on your site should be written and created with a purpose in mind.


Many people don’t realize that Google’s algorithms have evolved to not only look at content on your page but also how often it appears elsewhere on the web, specifically from other sites linking back to yours. For this strategy to work most effectively, you want as much of your site content to be seen on third-party sites as possible.


This is where video content comes in – not only does it make for great substance, but it also can go viral and spread like wildfire across many different websites (increasing your chances of having a higher ranking). There are a few things you want to keep in mind when making videos though:


Don’t Spam


Do not publish the same video on every site. Because Google uses backlinks to determine rankings, publishing the same content across multiple sites can be seen as spammy or unnatural. It will actually have a negative effect on your ranking in search results.


Utilize YouTube

Rather than uploading directly to your website, upload it through YouTube first! This allows you an extra step in the process to manipulate your content for search engine optimization, plus it makes sharing that much easier across multiple channels.


Optimize Your Title and Descriptions


Make sure both your title and description are optimized as well (this can’t be stressed enough). The first four words of a Google search show up on the left-hand side under the title of your video and the description – make sure they are optimized to give yourself a better chance at having more people click on it.


Be Consistent With Tags & Keywords


When creating content across multiple platforms (blog posts, social media updates, etc.), try to use consistent tags and keywords for SEO purposes. This allows Google’s algorithm to determine what your videos and website are about, making it easier for them to rank you.


Final Thoughts


Videos can be a great addition to your SEO plan, but you need to ensure they are done right! Think about the purpose of your video. Is it meant for branding? Do you want viewers to take action after watching it by going on your site and making a purchase? There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to videos. Use them as an extension of what you’re already doing, be consistent, and always keep your audience in mind above anything else. Google rewards consistency and quality, so make sure you focus on both when it comes to your videos.