Features of The Best Cryptocurrency Platforms in Australia

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As an ever evolving industry, cryptocurrency technology is changing everyday and Zipmex, one of the best cryptocurrency platforms Australia, was created in 2019 by some industry leaders in response to the deficits faced by older platforms. Zipmex cryptocurrency Australia aims to be a one stop solution for all your cryto-related transactions. Here are some features to look out for in cryptocurrency platforms.


User Friendliness


Platforms with user friendly designs understand that it has a lot of beginners, so try to make everything as easy to find and operate as it can. Most resort to using mobile apps. Even though Zipmex is still in the process of developing an app for its users, it currently has one of the most user friendly websites available, with an all-you-can exchange buffet.


ID Verification


Sites that require ID verification should ensure the process is as seemless as possible, and that verification is immediate. Most users will simply leave if they determine that a site’s taking too long to verify them. Zipmex in Australia doesn’t require any sort of verification for cryptocurrency exchanges on their platform. But because the site also allows direct exchange of fiat currency, anyone that needs to deal in that will need to upload a government issued ID. The verification process is very fast, and you could begin trading in minutes.




Cryptocurrency platforms can be expensive. For example Coinbase requires a 3.99% transaction fee on some of its operations. Zipmex however has a straight forward 0.2% trading transaction fee, one of the lowest in the industry.


Cryptocurrency Selection


Since Bitcoin surged upwards, there have been hundreds of cryptocurrencies created to compete with it. Few have come close. Some platforms allow as many as one hundred different types of cryptocurrencies to be exchanged on their platform, sometimes without screening out junks. Zipmex only trades the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ETH, EOS, EXP and LTC.