Holden Colorado Ready For Some Serious Off-Roading With A 6-Inch Lift

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If you’re looking to increase the capabilities of your Holden Colorado and make it easier to get around rough terrain, there are plenty of lift kits that can help you do just that. But not all lift kits are created equal, and most require a lot of time and money to install correctly, so it’s important to know what you’re doing before making any big changes to your car. We’ve compiled this list of the best Holden Colorado lift kits that are available online, in order to make it easy for you to find the one that will work best with your individual needs and preferences.

Before You Start

Before you can start installing the Holden Colorado 6 inch lift kit, you need to make sure that all of the components are present and accounted for. The kit includes a Coilover system and spring spacers, as well as new front steering knuckles and camber plates. All of these items will help to provide an upgraded suspension system without sacrificing ride quality. The installation process is straightforward; however, it is recommended that you take your vehicle to a professional if you do not have experience working on cars or trucks.

  1. You will want to start by removing the front wheels and placing them on jack stands.
  2. Remove the fender liners and set them aside.
  3. Place the Holden Colorado 6 inch lift kit in position over top of the factory springs.
  4. Insert the supplied bolts through each hole, ensuring they line up properly with their corresponding holes in the frame.
  5. Tighten down the bolts until they are snug, but not overly tight.
  6. Replace any removed parts (e.g., wheel nuts).
  7. Lower your Holden Colorado down off of jack stands and test out its new height!
  8. If everything works smoothly, remove the Holden Colorado from the vehicle before driving it again.

How Much Space Do I Have To Work With?

The first step of your installation is to measure how much space you have under the front and rear fenders, as well as how much height you will need to clear the wheel. With this information, you can determine what size lift kit is appropriate for your vehicle. The next step in the installation process is to drill all necessary mounting holes in brackets or underbody supports where required and install bolts or fasteners that secure it in place.

How Much Weight Can My Truck Handle?

Most importantly, you need to know how much weight your truck can handle before you start adding parts. The general rule of thumb is that the combined weight of the truck and all its cargo should not exceed 80% of the truck’s total GVWR. You can find this information by looking at the driver’s side door jamb sticker or in your owner’s manual.

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Options?

The Holden Colorado 6 inch lift kit is an excellent choice to help your vehicle handle the increased ground clearance and weight. With this kit, you’ll be able to install both the rear block kit and front suspension springs to get your car ready for more serious off-road adventures. You’ll also get all necessary mounting brackets and hardware so installation is an easy task. And if you need any other components, such as shocks or sway bars, we have those available too! With our Holden Colorado lift kit, you’re not only getting a reliable product but also amazing customer service from start to finish.