How Much is a Building Inspection in Australia?

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A building is a BIG purchase. Deciding to buy one after just eyeballing it can land you in serious financial crisis. To prevent that, building inspections are recommended.So how much is a building inspection in Australia?


First, how big is the building in question? The bigger the building, the more work will need to be done to ascertain it’s in prime condition.


Second, how broad do you want the inspection to be? Many building inspector conduct standard inspection services that include confirmation to city codes. Others throw in an extra pest inspection. The amount you’re charged will depend on the quality and broadness of services offered. Here’s a breakdown of what building inspectors look for.


What Building Inspectors Inspect


Bear in mind that most inspections are usually done by current or ex builders – so they know what to be on the look out for. Plus they’re already licensed – so understand what city or building code applies where. A thorough inspection should include;


  • Ensuring all extensions and building additions were done legally and are in compliance with Australian building standards.


  • Checking ceilings, floors and walls for dampness, sagging, mold and leakage – including inspection of the foundation, to check it isn’t sinking.


  • Confirm the functionality of windows and doors.


  • Check all plumbing, drainage and electrical wiring systems.


  • Look for fire hazards, while checking roofs (how many years they have until they need to be replaced), gutters and driveways.


Building inspectors note every thing that might or might not be a potential problem, you can make an informed selling or buying decision. The more information you can get about a property, the more bargaining chip in your deck.


Most building inspection costs tend to run between $200 and $1000 for residential homes. Depending on the number of rooms, and its geographical location. If you need a certificate or extra inspection, that will cost you extra. Be sure to request a quote for subscribing to a service, but know you get the quality you pay for.