How to Pick Nice Fairy Lights

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Very few furnishings have the ability to elicit certain moods in the home like fairy lights. But to be fair, knowing how to pick nice copper wire fairy lights at Christmas Elves will depend largely on the tone you wish to set – whether you’re going for festive, whimsical or just cozy. So without further ado, here are some key things to bear in mind before choosing your fairy lights.


Indoors or Outdoors?


Honestly, the difference between indoor and outdoor fairy lights only matter if you’ll be decorating outside. For outdoors, you’ll need to ensure your fairy lights won’t be disturbed by the elements – so both water and weatherproof. These features don’t matter when you’re decorating indoors, so if you need indoor fairy lights, and the sole reason a particular brand is selling theirs at a higher price is because theirs is waterproof, look elsewhere.


Perhaps the only weather-related peculiarity to look out for when buying indoor fairy lights is power source. Solar powered fairy lights are more effective when used outdoors than indoors.


Strand Length: Bulb Ratio


What makes fairy look cool is how the sparkle. The last thing you want is to buy something with a $20 price tag, only to end up with 10 feet of wiring and just 5 bulbs.


Once you’ve ascertained the fairy-ness of your lights, measure the potential decorating space before committing to purchase. You generally won’t be able to cut your fairy lights without causing some damage, and most fairy lights aren’t engineered for end-to-end combination. So you want to make sure you get the length right on the first try.


Power Source


Okay, you’ve seen that solar might not be as effective indoors as it is outdoors. What you’ll need to consider now is power source proximity. If your home was built with AC outlets scattered, you won’t have a problem. Technologically advanced fairy lights, however, come with USB plugs, so you can power them with laptops or power banks along with traditional AC outlets. Really cool ones run off batteries – rechargeable ones – just so power outlets don’t limit your decorating.


Now that you have a hang of what to look for, get decorating! Match the wiring to your d├ęcor so the lights stand out even more and voila!