The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Photography In Melbourne

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Weddings are beautiful, jovial events, especially, in the dazzling light of Melbourne. No doubt you will want every impeccable detailed to be captured. Your wedding photos are the only tangible things that remain after your wedding, and they become priceless as time goes.


In this era where everyone is a photographer, how to pick a good or best wedding photographer in Melbourne? How do you avoid these traps? In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to find a good wedding photographer in Melbourne.


• Know your style

Have a clear picture of the style you like. This will help you narrow down the list of photographers. Do you like traditional photography? Do you prefer a documentary touch where the photographer is unnoticed with no posed images? If classic style is your thing, then go for a photographer with expertise in that. Have a look at their portfolio before making any decision


• Lighting conditions for your Wedding

Daytime weddings, with adequate natural light, are the simplest to shoot. However, if your ceremony will be held in a dark church, it’s good to find a photographer skilled enough to handle such lighting conditions. Don’t assume that any experienced photographer can handle low lighting. Be sure to ask them if they can handle your situation.


• Have realistic expectations

Even experienced professionals will not shoot award-winning images of your day from morning until midnight. If you are expecting outstanding pictures all day through, you might be disappointed. A good photographer will provide consistently good images. Opt for a photographer with consistent shots in their portfolio.



Backups equipment is every critical. Be sure to ask your photographer if they shoot with backed up devices. Don’t take chances, you don’t want your photographer showing up with only one camera. What if the camera fall and breaks before the ceremony ended.


• Plan ahead

Book early, do wait up to avoid disappointments.


Hire someone whose work makes you feel good. Each photographer will have his/her strengths and weakness. Go for one whose strengths and weaknesses will work for you.