UXXC Wallboard What is It?

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There is always UXXC wallboard what is it discussion when it comes to getting what is rightfully yours in the call center industry. It is that monitor in call center offices where you see all the stats displayed regarding how many calls are answered, how many are abandoned, how many calls are waiting, and how many agents are ready. When you are at a big company, you know a lot of people would call all the time. This is why this is needed so that you know how many people are waiting since you will not want to keep them waiting for a long time. Also, the performances of the call center agents are always being updated so that the supervisors will know right away who deserves some praise and who deserves to get scolded. The talk time for the calls is also being shown here as you know which agents would not mind talking to their clients for a long time. It goes to show how some people would want to talk to you or may be interested in what you have to offer to the public.


The UXXC wallboard online will provide the IT support staff issues in case those things are needed for any issues between the computer and the agent. You know you would want to resolve that quickly because each call center agent would want to be as productive as possible. There is a chance some of them are ready but they can’t answer any calls because there is something wrong with the computer. As a result, the IT staff would need to get there and do something about that. Add that to the fact that the agents will be able to monitor their own performance as they would know right away how they can improve themselves for the future. We all know that in order to be promoted, you would need to perform well consistently. That won’t happen if you slack off a bit. Besides, nobody is going to tell you that you must perform better other than yourself. This is not some gym where you have a personal trainer unless your boss wants to do a twosome coaching strategy. We have to admit that can work at times but not all the time.



The total calls handled for a certain agent will also be enlisted and that will show you how productive this person is. If this agent keeps it up each day, it won’t be long before you would want to go out there and congratulate this person yourself for a job well done. The UXXC wallboard even shows which agent would receive the next phone call so that this agent would get ready. We all know how some clients are not that good when it comes to voicing out their frustration so they take it hard on agents. As a result, the agent’s productivity decreases when she spends a lot of time on one call so better to keep an eye on that.