Where to buy Adidas Slides in Australia

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Don’t feel like putting on shoes, but don’t want to go barefoot either? Slides, sandals, slippers or whatever you want to call them are the perfect in between footwear. There are numerous athletic apparel/footwear companies who make their own slides, however one brand seems to stand above the rest; Adidas has perfected the slide, combining ultra comfort with style and a low price. You might be wondering where to buy Adidas slides in Australia, you’re in luck! Below you will find a list of retailers in Australia from which you can purchase Adidas slides, just in time for the holiday season.


Adidas Australia

The natural starting point for any Adidas product is the company website! The Adidas Australia website offers a wide selection of slides to choose from, there are over 50 different types of slides available on the site. A variety of colours, and styles can be found. As a bonus there are a ton of deals this time of year (when i checked the site, they were offering 30% off most slides).



Westbros has a ton of great footwear on their site, their Adidas slide collection is certainly not lacking. One of my favorite parts about Westbros is that it is so easy to filter based on size, price, bestselling, which is really nice when you are trying to narrow a large selection down. An additional bonus is that any Australian order of over $100 gets you free shipping.


JD Sports

JD Sports specializes in athletic footwear and apparel so it comes as no surprise that their selection of Adidas slides is enormous. The website makes filtering for your prefered footwear super easy, and customer reviews are included with each product, a really nice touch. The price point for JD sports Adidas slides is excellent ranging from $30- $45.


Hopefully this article helped you answer where to buy Adidas slides in Australia, you’re feet will soon be thanking you.