Why do you need commercial building and pest inspection?

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You should never purchase a commercial property without putting it through a commercial building and pest inspections Brisbane before hand. There are several reasons for this, and we will take a look at those reasons on this page.


Commercial building and pest inspection are not the same


Contrary to popular belief, a building inspector will not be able to carry out pest inspection. They may be able to spot major pest issues, but they won’t be able to spot everything. Since pest problem can easily lead to major issues with a commercial property (the last thing you want is for your stock to be destroyed by pests), it is vital that you hire a pest inspector too.


Saves money long term


The purpose of a building and pest inspection is to look for any issues with the property. These are issues which, if spotted early, could be rectified for a far lower price. In some cases, spotting these issues may help to ensure that you do not purchase a commercial property which has fallen into a state of disrepair. In addition to this, certain issues may also help you to negotiate a ‘lower price’ on the property you are planning to purchase.


Helps to protect your business


Whether you are running your business from an office, warehouse, or a retail outlet, you need to know that there are no issues which could hamper you doing business. For example; leaks which could destroy stock, or foundation issues which could result in long term closure of your business.


Ensure the building inspector has experience with commercial properties


While pest inspectors tend to work fine for both commercial and residential properties, this isn’t the case with building inspectors. Many of them may specialise in just one type of property. After all, a house is completely different to a warehouse in terms of structure. You need to know that you have the right person for the job.